Can you make arrangements for a conference room?
Yes, we can.  QnA networks throughout the entire state, and we are happy to make arrangements for the use of a conference room in a location that is convenient to you and the deponent.  

What about video depositions?  Can you do those?

Absolutely! We network with only the most experienced and well-respected videographers in Idaho. We can make the arrangements for you, or we can put you directly in contact with our provider.

Will you travel for out-of-town depositions?

Yes.  We regularly travel as far west as Ontario, Oregon, and as far east as Pocatello, Idaho; but the majority of our work is right in the heart of the Treasure Valley. Since we hold certifications in many of our neighboring states, we are also able to travel with our clients, if requested.  

We often provide court reporter referrals to our clients who need to travel out of state for depositions.  So the next time you're wondering which court reporter to call when you need to depose an expert in a city you've never been, just ask us.  We are happy to assist.

Can you do after-hours depositions or weekend depositions?

Of course, yes. We understand that business doesn't always occur between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  We are here for you when you need us. We will arrive as early as you would like to start, and we will stay as late as you need us.

Can you provide realtime?

Indeed. QnA's owner, Lori Pulsifer, is a Certified Realtime Reporter and a Certified Realtime Captioner and has been providing realtime to the Bench, Bar, and hearing-impaired litigants for several years. Wireless Realtime is provided via StenoCAT Trialbook and is as easy to connect as 1, 2, 3.

Can you do telephonic depositions? If so, how can we mark our exhibits?

Telephonic depositions are a common occurrence at QnA.  If you have exhibits, simply email them to us in PDF format prior to the deposition; and your reporter will have the exhibits printed and available for marking at your request during the proceedings. 

What is your standard turn-around on transcripts?

Standard delivery is seven to ten days in most instances, but all of your deadlines -- same day, next day, or expedited -- will be met.

Are you able to provide a rough draft?

Yes. A rough draft of the day's proceedings, or an excerpt thereof, is always available; and it will be emailed to counsel upon request. Let us know the format you like to work with, and it will appear in your inbox when you want it.

How about interpreter depositions? Can you do those?

Yes. We network with a variety of language interpreters -- Spanish, American Sign Language, Bosnian, Russian -- you name it. If your case requires an interpreter, please be sure to mention that at the time of scheduling. We work only with the BEST state-certified and federally-certified interpreters in Idaho.

What certifications do QnA's reporters hold?

QnA's reporters are nationally certified by the National Court Reporters Association and state certified by the Idaho Certified Shorthand Reporters Board. QnA's owner has earned the Registered Diplomate Reporter (RDR) designation, the highest credential offered by the National Court Reporters Association.  For more information on our credentials, please see the Certifications page.

What if my question is not listed in this FAQs section?

By all means, please feel free to ask any questions at all. If we don't have the answer,we will get the answer! Lori can be reached at 208.484.6309 or at She is never far from her smartphone.